Our services make the everyday life of our customers easier by offering solutions in the fields of transportation, healthcare, finance , defense and manufacturing.Our customers get to focus on their core competence, our service experts take care of the rest.In order to build long-term customer relationships, we aim to offer services that make the everyday life of our customers easier. Our services are reliable and cost-efficient as well as including controlled and high-quality customer service. In order to be able to give our customers the best possible service, we invest in the competence of our personnel. It is our vision that our personnel be known for the incomparable service they provide and are capable of building a true partnership with our customers.

We offer services to the following industries



Health care




Ogive Technology brings key elements of Transport domain under one roof -Embedded systems (design, Prototyping, Testing), IOT enablement, analytics, and implementing Machine Learning followed by final Product Realization.  With extensive experience in managing product development processes and their integration on the vehicular level, Monitoring, Controlling, applying Analytics and Automating. We offer an integrated eco-system to its Transportation clients, enabling them to leverage either all or individual elements of the offering.

Being part of the evolution of this industry, we bring value to our automotive clients with our comprehensive and diverse service offerings.Today, the automotive industry is on the verge of taking the next big leap. The fundamental givens have upgraded and strategies are being redefined to survive in this competitive market. Two areas which are driving this change are environmental/Fuel and Electronics.

The ‘automobile’ as a self-contained microcosm is experiencing a revolution. Electronics is now essential to control the movements of an automobile, of the chemical and electrical processes taking place in it, to entertain the passengers, to establish connectivity with the rest of the world, to ensure safety.

  • We specialize in offering hardware, and software solutions compliant with automotive standards
  • Offer services in the areas of vehicle parameters data analytics and management.
  • Our in-house domain expertise in the areas of automotive safety regulations, value engineering, and system verification and validation helps clients in these segments to automate their products and ensures a quicker time to market.
  • Our team brings the requisite knowledge and good component engineering expertise to help customers with quick and efficient lifecycle management.
  • Smart Parking:
  • Monitoring of parking spaces availability in the city.

  • Traffic Congestion:
  • Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian levels to optimize driving and walking routes.

  • Smart Roads:
  • Intelligent Highways with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.

  • Fleet Tracking
  • Control of routes followed for delicate goods like medical drugs, jewels or dangerous merchandises.

  • Integration of the different motion control and powertrain control functions so that important synergies can be exploited.
  • Combining entertainment, communication and navigation subsystems
  • Coupling the world of electronics where the life time of a product is around 2 years and shrinking, with the automotive world, where the product life time is 10 years and possibly growing
  • Developing new services based on electronics technology
  • Monitoring and controlling the vehicles effectively.
  • Reliable, Secure and Accurate Data Analysis.

Health Care

Preventive healthcare is on the rise with companies in the medical industry aiming at creating a sustainable tomorrow. Rising patient cost, increase in population, higher incidence of lifestyle related disorders, just in time medical interventions are propelling companies to embrace technology to reduce their time to market processes.

  • We specialize in offering hardware, and software solutions related to compliance regulations
  • Offer services in the areas of laboratory informatics and data management
  • Our in-house domain expertise in the areas of medical device regulations and laboratory data helps clients in these segments to automate their products and ensures a quicker time to market.
  • Our team brings the requisite knowledge and end-user perspectives to our niche service offerings in this segment
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories and Hospitals generate a large amount of lab & patent data which needs to be Analyzed.
  • Fall Detection:
  • Assistance for elderly or disabled people living independently.

  • Medical Fridges:
  • Control of conditions inside freezers storing vaccines, medicines and organic elements.

  • Connected Clinics & Pathologies:
  • Quick and easy access to medical reports

  • Sportsmen Care:
  • Vital signs monitoring in high-performance centers and fields.

  • Ultraviolet Radiation:
  • Measurement of UV sun rays to warn people not to be exposed during certain hours.

  • Patients Surveillance:

  • Diagnose known diseases from scans, biopsies, audio, and other data.
  • Predict personalized health outcomes to optimize recommended treatment.
  • Optimize labour staffing and resource allocation to reduce bottlenecks.
  • Identify fraud, waste, and abuse patterns in diverse clinical and operations data.
  • Predict individual hospital admission rates using historical and real-time data.
  • Triage patient cases during hospital admission using patient data, audio, and video
  • Detect major trauma events from wearables sensor data and signal emergency response.
  • Upgrading the existing systems with ongoing technological advancements.
  • Reliable, Secure and Accurate Data Analysis.
  • Financial viability and patient satisfaction.
  • Effective population health management.


  • Personalize product offerings to target individual consumers based on multi-modal data (mobile, social media, location, etc.)
  • Identify fraudulent activity using customer transactions and other relevant data.
  • Evaluate customer credit risk using application and other relevant data for less biased real-time underwriting decisions.
  • Predict risk of loan delinquency and recommend proactive maintenance strategies.
  • Optimize labour staffing and distribution to reduce operational costs in front and back office.
  • Route call-centre cases based on multi-modal data (e.g., customer preferences, audio data) to increase customer satisfaction and reduce handling costs.
  • Optimize branch/ATM network based on diverse signals of demand (e.g., social data, transactions).
  • Reliable, Secure and Accurate Data Analysis.
  • Financial viability and customer satisfaction.


Defense applications have requirements that are time-critical, conform to stringent quality norms, and have long term maintenance implications. As a supplier to the defense industry, we follow the development and quality processes that address these needs.

  • Our engineering team with long years of experience in image processing algorithms, and embedded real-time mission critical applications, and excel in delivering turnkey solutions to the defense industry.
  • We use our expertise in the field of defense electronics to design, develop, manufacture and integrate rugged military grade electronic hardware and sub-systems.
  • Our expertise and experience for defense applications span military communication, subsystems, and board level solutions for Electronic Warfare, air-crafts, helicopters, UAVs, UVs and missiles.
  • We also have expertise in navigation systems including GPS based navigation and tracking systems.
  • Post deployment support.
  • Obsolescence management.
  • Upgrading the existing systems with ongoing technological advancements.


We are providing comprehensive Industrial Project Design, Engineering and Manufacturing solutions that take products through every Product development phase, from idea conception through New Prototype Development to low-cost mass production. We have a great deal of experience in new product development and prototyping. With in-house skilled and talented industrial projects designers, engineering and quality assurance teams, we ensure that the quality and integrity of its products is maintained, and projects are executed within promised lead times and budget.

An industrial embedded system is a computer system designed for specific control functions within a larger system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and software.

We know that downtime is expensive when it comes to industrial control systems and process automation. Which is why our engineers design extreme durability and reliability into every product we produce. Each component is subjected to intense performance testing and multiple quality control checks to assure maximum uptime and productivity.

Our embedded systems for automation solutions are designed to perform reliably across a broad range of extreme environmental conditions. When durability and reliability are essential.

Our embedded computers are ideally suited for such industrial automation applications as the following:

  • Smart Factories and Manufacturing – Laser CNC machining; industrial robotics; high-speed manufacturing; clean room/sealed-system testing and controls.
  • Agricultural Automation, Irrigation – Connections to unmanned aerial and submersible vehicles; GPS- and satellite-guided planting, fertilization, and harvesting.
  • Logistics and Warehouse Management – Moving and labeling products; scanning for defects to support quality systems; inventory control; supply chain management.
  • Construction – Measuring, metering, monitoring and mixing component materials, such as for concrete and structural roadways.
  • Mining and Oil/Gas Energy – Mining data logging and control; remote sensing and automated valve operations; gas metering.
  • M2M Applications:
  • Machine auto-diagnosis and assets control.

  • Indoor Air Quality:
  • Monitoring of toxic gas and oxygen levels inside chemical plants to ensure workers and goods safety.

  • Temperature Monitoring:
  • Control of temperature inside industrial and medical fridges with sensitive merchandise.

  • Pressure & Humidity Monitoring:
  • Measuring and controlling Pressure and humidity levels in the industries.

  • Indoor Location:
  • Asset indoor location monitoring.

  • Perimeter Access Control:
  • Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas.

  • Liquid Presence:
  • Liquid detection in data centers, warehouses and sensitive building grounds to prevent break downs and corrosion.

  • Radiation Levels:
  • Distributed measurement of radiation levels in nuclear power stations surroundings to generate leakage alerts.

  • Explosive and Hazardous Gases:
  • Detection of gas levels and leakages in industrial environments, surroundings of chemical factories and inside mines.

  • Predict failure and recommended proactive maintenance for production and moving equipment.
  • Optimize manufacturing process in real time and to determine where to dedicate resources to reduce bottlenecks and cycle time.
  • Predict future demand trends and potential constraints in the supply chain.
  • Identify design problems in pre-production to reduce ramp-up time to maximum output.
  • Identify root causes for low product yield in manufacturing.
  • Detection of defects and quality issues during production using visual and other data.
  • Determine root causes for quality issues developed outside of manufacturing (e.g. during delivery, in supply chain).
  • Financial viability and product quality retention.
  • Obsolescence management.
  • Upgrading the existing systems with ongoing technological advancements.
  • Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.